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"When LeTeisha Newton writes dark, she goes dark. I had no idea where this story was going and boy am I glad I held on for the bumpy ride. My advice, don't stop. 5 haunting stars for Whispers in the Dark. " 

~ Aleatha Romig, NYT Bestselling Author

"Whispers is a violent, twisted, emotional rollercoaster of sadistic needs. Thank god, after all, serial killers need love too. I don't really have the words for this book other than....traumatic. Wonderfully, terrifyingly, blissfully traumatic. By the end of this book I was exhausted, wrung out, and itching for more. 10/10 will read again."

~ Katherine Blackburn, Amazon Reviewer

"Cruel. Compelling. Impossible to look away. Be warned, Whispers In The Dark is not your traditional love story. Nor is it your traditional dark romance. It's an unflinching look into the tattered and torn souls of two lovers who went through hell ... and kept going. The happy ending that Jacob and Alana find is hard-won and deeply satisfying."

~ Ginger Talbot, Bestselling Author of Tamara, Taken


"...this brilliant author destroyed any/all boxes that other cookie cutter "dark romance" come out of. I cannot lie, I will be reading more of her work, and to all who are brave enough, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND this twisted tale that will engulf all!"

~ Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readers 

"I was intrigued by both Ashlyn and Caesar. They were both so complicated and knew nothing but evil. I have a thing for villains and Caesar definitely fit the bill. He was ruthless, dark, twisted and broken. "

~ Betul E. of Silence is Read Blog

This book disturbed me, sickened me, and horrified me. But in the most deliciously dirty, remarkable ways. This book, Caesar, and Ashlyn will be with me in the months to come. If you like dark romance, the kind that leave you with WTF written on your soul, you should definitely read it.

~Anne Conley, Bestselling Author of the Pierce Securities Series


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"Irrepairable was written flawlessly by this dynamic duo. I loved that it was unlike anything I've ever read. It was brilliant. Seductive. Engaging. Each broken character truly was dynamic and deep, and the plot as a whole kept me engaged. I loved each layer and the multidimensional characters. Five amazing stars."

~ CoraLee June, Bestselling author of The Void

"When ... two powerhouse writers of dark romance get together what you get is this: a brilliant, beautiful, seductive, heartbreaking and elegant story, that breaks not only the characters but the reader as well.

**With Love for you both, I Trust your guidance into this world (and will follow you anywhere), I have Faith the pain will all be worth it in the end. I am Devoted to you both forever. It was my Honor to read and review this book for you.**"

~ Elysian Fields, Vine Voice

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